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New York Weekly

In this critical time when numerous firms were losing business, Amini Construction emerged and impressed everyone with their quality work. The success experienced by the firm is due to the creativity that the founder, Mehrdad Amini, has brought to the world of construction.

Unit 205 4900 Cartier Street Vancouver-2.jpg

Vents Magazine

It took visionaries such as Mehrdad Amini—the brains behind Amini Construction—to revolutionize the construction industry and elevate it from brick-and-mortar to a design-driven blend of artistic engineering. 


The Chicago Journal

In what can be called a daring move that damned all consequences, Amini Construction came to life and is on course to take over the construction industry like a raging storm.

Mehrdad Amini

Time Business News

Mehrdad Amini is the founder and CEO of one of the leading construction companies in the Vancouver region. He is a notable general contractor specializing in Modern and West Coast contemporary projects and designs. 


Lonsdale Avenue

This is where our friend Mehrdad Amini of Amini Renovations and Designs comes into the equation. He lives and works here on Vancouver’s North Shore as well as throughout the Lower Mainland, helping home and property owners to get the most from their residential and commercial real estate development and design needs. 


Entrepreneurs Break

The hardworking visionary who is behind Amini Construction says, “Growth can only be accomplished when you step outside of your comfort zone.”Don’t believe him? Well, Mehrdad Amini has proven that he practices what he preaches.

Amini Construction.png

Spot Herld

Amini Construction has emerged as a game changer in the industry of home creators. This is because the founder is highly passionate about construction and chose the profession because he knew he would be able to influence future generations.


Reality Paper

Established by Mehrdad Amini, the firm was founded with a vision of constructing and renovating commercial and residential projects that reflect the needs and desires of the client.


NY Wire

Building a house is easy, but building a home requires a foresight that not every construction company possesses. Amidst the many businesses that exist, Amini Construction has emerged as a game changer due to the unique vision of Mehrdad Amini.


Pictic Style

While it takes some people years to understand what this saying truly means, Mehrdad Amini understood the importance of being passionate about a goal at a very young age. When people were trying to find jobs based on their educational accomplishments, Mehrdad Amini was already building a business based on his interests.

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Daily Magazine Pro

There is no better example of an ambitious individual than the young entrepreneur Mehrdad Amini. Rather than following the herd, 26-year-old Mehrdad was determined to make a name for himself and hence launched his own construction company, Amini Construction, at a young age.

Amini Construction.jpeg

USA Magazine

Even though many businesses have gone digital over the past few years, many industries are still operating utilizing the old methods. However, after Covid-19 struck the world, many entrepreneurs realized that using digital media was the only way to survive. Amongst these insightful individuals is Mehrdad Amini, the leader of the construction world in Canada. 

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